Falcon Book Bag

Falcon Book Bag

Price range : $19.95 to $19.95


falcon detail• Black Bag is in soft natural canvas-twill weave

• White Bag is a sturdy natural canvas

This painting was especially created for "The Psalms of RA" CD. It is inspired from the ancient Egyptian classical image of Horus, the solar falcon. It also incorporates other ancient Egyptian iconography such as the Eye of Horus, the scarab beetle, and the ankh.

The Eye of Horus shown here is his right eye, which is also his solar eye. Hence it appears within the Aten, or solar disk atop his head, radiating light outwards to all beings. The solar disk is contained within an oval shape that merges with a T shape below it. These together form the ankh, ancient symbol of the life force. At the crossing point of the ankh is a scarab beetle pushing up a tiny red sun. It represents Khebera, the Lord of the Dawn, who brings the sunrise with every day. The scarab also represents the three lobes of the brain, and hence the higher mind.

The light and dark blue areas of Horus's™ wings symbolize the daytime and the nightime sky, for Horus is the bird of heaven. In spectral contrast, the light which emanates from the sun gives Horus his red to yellow flame-colored wings as a celestial firebird. In all, this painting is based upon an understanding both spiritual and practical; ie, that to meditate upon the sun, physically concentrating our third eye center on its brilliant light, is to access the eternal awareness of all creation.


This durable Book Bag comes in either
Black or White.

Dimension (L x W x H)

A creative celebration of Light and Life